Our Approach


Are you distracted?
Could someone
get close to you without you noticing?

At Heads Up, we start by discussing what a predator is looking for in a victim. Most predators, whether known or unknown to you, have a plan. We teach you to have one too!


Women tend to freeze during an assault. Fight is what we teach and we want to make fighting back intuitive. All Heads Up classes are for women only.


It is NOT an exercise class and your fitness level is NOT important. What is important is that you come and learn. We provide a safe and comfortable environment where you can choose to sit and take it all in or share your experiences and fears. In the end, you will find you possess a unique set of tools you never knew you had. Add thought and practice to it, and it becomes instinctive. That is power!!

Victims of sexual assault, including rape, generally have one thing in common, they never thought it would happen to them and took no precautions or gave any thought to protecting themselves.