Safety Tips

It's actually 11 Self Defense Tips Every Women Needs to Know!!!

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Tip #1

Be Alert & Aware Of Your Surroundings


Pay attention to the sights, sounds and people around you. Don’t be texting or talking on you cell phone or using earbuds when you’re alone in a public place. If you think someone is following you, cross the street or step into a store. If that’s not possible, make eye contact and say hello or ask what time it is to show you are not afraid. You can now identify this person in a line up and this makes you a less desirable target.

Tip #2

Never Look Like A Victim


Are you distracted? Could someone get close to you without you knowing?

Predators look for distracted or weak people. You can make yourself a tougher target by walking with confidence and purpose. Stay in more populated areas. Just looking like someone who is not to be messed with can deter a would-be attacker.

Tip #3

Always Follow Your Gut Instincts or Intuition


Your gut instinct is always in response to something important you should pay attention to PLUS your intuition always guides you toward what’s in your best interest. Trusting your gut is never a waste of time, it’s very real and should never be ignored. If you have a sense of foreboding, don’t second guess the feeling. Even if it is wrong, better to be paranoid than hurt or even worse.

Tip #4

Be Car Smart


It is important to think about your safety whether you are getting into or out of your vehicle. Have your keys in your hand before you approach your vehicle. For extra protection, have a key-chain that can also be used as a weapon. Look inside your car, especially  in the back. Once you are in, lock the doors and go! Do not pause to check your phone or how you look, just go! If something doesn’t feel right or someone is lurking around your car, or if there is a vehicle parked next to you with a male sitting alone, go back and ask a security guard to escort you out.

Tip #5

Prevent Date Rape


A great way to prevent someone from slipping a drug into your drink is to hold the drink with your hand over the top of your glass. By holding the glass in that fashion, it makes it almost impossible for someone to slip something in between your fingers without you knowing or feeling it. If you leave your drink for any reason, order a new one. It should go without saying that you should never be alone with someone you just met, even if this someone seems harmless. The lines can get fuzzy when things become intimate.
Do not be afraid to say
NO or STOP at any point during an intimate encounter.

Tip #6

Learn To Predict Dangerous & Controlling Behavior


The rare few people who want to harm you will give clear signals. If someone is too charming, provides too many details, gives unsolicited help, promises to do (or not do) something when no such promise was asked for or discounts the word NO, these are often key signals of harmful intent.

Tip #7

Be Safe At Home


Most women are assaulted by someone they know and 40% of the time the crime will happen in the victim’s own home. Keep your doors locked, even during the day. Don’t forget the door leading to the garage. If you forget to lock or close your garage, someone has open access to your home. Another deterrent is noise. Predators tend to avoid homes with alarm systems or dogs.

Tip #8

Stay Alert On Vacation


Keep your hotel room locked with the deadbolt and chain when you are inside. Never let anyone in your room that you don’t know. If someone says they work for the hotel, call the front desk to confirm. Never leave an extra room key lying around for someone to grab when the maid isn’t looking. Also, never let anyone know that you are traveling alone.

Tip #9

Know Your Strengths & His Weaknesses


Your elbows and knees are the strongest points on your body. If you get close enough to use them, do it! Use your legs to kick free from your attacker if you wind up on the ground. Go for his four weakest points: eyes, throat, knees and groin.

Tip #10

Don't Be Afraid To Fight


Fight with everything you’ve got then fight some more! Strike first! Strike hard! Strike fast! Use whatever you've got, bite, claw, poke or scratch the eyes or, if you're wearing high heels, the heel of your shoe makes for a handy weapon. Don’t wait for things to escalate. Once you've broken free, run like hell for help!

Tip #11

Never Be Relocated


Do whatever you have to do to prevent getting taken to a second location. Even if someone has a gun pointed at you, RUN! He isn’t going to shoot you with several witnesses around either. The chances of being hit is extremely remote (only 4 in 100 times). Although you run the risk of injury, if you are taken to a second location, you are guaranteed injury or even death.